16 Jun

Are you overly concerned about gaining weight whenever you eat out?

I can relate to the guilt I feel when I indulge in meals outside my home. However, I've come to realize that I've been too harsh on myself, even to the extent of avoiding spending time with my friends because I know we might end up eating unhealthy foods.

The same goes for skipping parties because I'm aware I might overindulge in delicious treats.But, I wonder, what's the purpose of losing weight and staying fit if it robs us of the joy in life?

The initial reason I embarked on my weight loss journey was to enhance the quality of my life and enjoy it to the fullest with my loved ones. However, I now see that my fears of regaining weight and slipping back into old habits are hindering me from creating beautiful memories with them.

If this journey towards weight loss is causing you excessive stress, then it's essential to reassess your approach.

I urge all of us to strive for balance. As seen in the picture, yes, I enjoyed milk tea, but it had only 25% sugar. I compensated by drinking water, exercising, and fasting the next day, and it made me feel great. The best part of this experience was getting to spend time with my best friend – that's what truly matters.

Let's cherish the journey and avoid getting overly stressed. I'm not suggesting that we should all start consuming milk tea and dining out frequently. My point is to cultivate a healthy relationship with food and find pleasure in life's simple pleasures.

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