28 Aug

1️⃣ EAT THE RIGHT STUFF The best thing about fasting is how it affects your INSULIN, a hormone that handles fat storage. When we're not eating, our insulin levels drop. High insulin slows fat burning, but lower levels keep it going. So, when you do eat, it's important to pick foods that don't make your insulin spike too much.❌ Skip sugary treats, soda, junk food, and unhealthy carbs like bread and pasta. These foods make your insulin jump a lot, so it's better to avoid them. ✅ Choose whole foods like veggies, fish, lean meat, healthy fats, and good carbs from things like potatoes. For carbs, aim for around 50-100g (moderate) or 100-200g (a bit more) in a low-carb diet. This way, your insulin won't spike too high when you eat, which helps burn fat. 

2️⃣ COMBINE KETO AND FASTING KETO AND FASTING WORK GREAT TOGETHER. This combo is super effective. Keto diet and fasting team up to use up the energy we get from "GLUCOSE" (which comes from carbs/sugar) and tap into our "STORED FATS" for energy. In the Keto diet, you eat just 20g of carbs, which really cuts down on GLUCOSE. When you add fasting, your body quickly gets into KETOSIS (burning fat) mode, using your STORED FATS as the main energy source. This is why people lose weight so fast with both Keto and IF. 

3️⃣ TRY LONGER FASTS SOMETIMES When we fast for longer hours, we naturally eat less. Longer fasting, like 40 hours, drops insulin levels a lot. During longer fasting, your body keeps burning fat in KETOSIS mode, and that means you lose weight. 🚩 Longer fasting works really well, but it takes practice and patience. If you're not sure because of health reasons, ask your doctor for advice. The tips I shared are based on what I've learned and done myself. Make intermittent fasting a part of your life. I've personally lost 32kg with IF and these tips. I really recommend it because it helps more than just losing weight—it's good for your overall health too 💕.

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